Exchange an item

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Display the Return/exchange button on closed sales'.

1/ Proceed to the return

Locate the initial sale from which the product is returned.
Click on the 'Return/Exchange' button.
In front of each product, you will find an 'Exchange' button to generate a credit note.
If the product returned is tracked into inventory, it will be automatically returned into inventory.

The credit note has a single ID number (single use) and you can print it as a barcode. The credit note has the negative price of the product returned and the same tax rate.

You can:

  • print the credit note and give it to your customer if he wants to use it for a future purchase,
  • or use it immediately in one of your parked sales (with the drop-down 'Add it to the sale:').

Consult pending credit notes in 'Reports/Pending credit notes'.

2/ Exchange the item

Create a new sale (= exchange sale), and add the replacement products.

Add the credit notes generated after the return:

  • scan the credit note barcode or type the barcode digits in the 'Add a product field' of the sale,
  • or from the initial sale, click on the 'Return/Exchange' button, locate the credit note and select your exchange sale to transfer the credit note.

If the amount of the exchange sale is positive, charge your customer with the remaining amount to pay and close the sale.

If the amount of the exchange sale is negative (the value of the credit note is higher than the total prices of replacement products), refund your customer or :

a/ issue a new credit note

First, you need to create a 'Credit' product as an open-price product (the product price is set when you add it to the sale – more information).
Add this 'Credit' product to the exchange sale in order to balance the total amount at 0, and close the exchange sale with your default payment type. Then, proceed immediately to an exchange on the 'Credit' product of the sale to generate a new credit note for the remaining credit amount.

b/ add the remaining amount to your customer Store Credit

The Store Credit feature must be activated on your account (more information).
Validate the exchange sale with the CRED payment method.
The remaining credit amount is added to your customer store credit account. He can use it for a future purchase.

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