Test Hiboutik API with Postman

Follow theses steps to start testing Hiboutik API with Postman application.

  1. Download and install Postman : https://www.getpostman.com

  2. Import the Hiboutik Rest API collection into Postman : go to 'File' then 'Import' and select 'Import from link'. Copy/paste the Hiboutik JSON API file link available in 'Settings/API' in your Hiboutik account.
    Click on Import.
    Once the import is completed, you will find the Hiboutik Rest API Collection in the left side panel of Postman.

  3. Enable authorization into Postman: Edit the Hiboutik Rest API collection (three dots icon next to the collection name), and select the 'Authorization' tab.
    Select 'Basic Auth' in the drop-down menu Then Enter in the right side your Hiboutik API credentials (available in 'Settings/API' on your Hiboutik account).

  4. You can now send your requests to the Hiboutik API

Ex: Add a customer
In the left menu of the Collection, select the 'Customers' file and the 'POST Create a new customer' endpoint.
In the right side, go to the Body section and fulfill the form. Then 'Send' the request.
The new customer is created on Hiboutik and you will retrieve the customer ID in the response Body.

Requests can be formatted in application/json or application/x-www-form-urlencoded. With Postman we highly recommend to use the x-www-form-urlencoded to get query parameters visible in the Body section.

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