Free items and discounts

You can proceed to a line-item discount or a sale wide discount.

In 'Settings/General settings/Discounts', you can create different types of discounts, either in amount or in percentage.
The discount label is the name of the discount displayed on your sale interface (ex: VIP).
The value is a negative number (ex:-10), linked to a currency (for a discount in amount) or a percentage.

1/ Line-item discount

Select the product in the sale, and click on the discount button to apply.
The product price is updated and the discount value is saved.

In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Modify product price' to:

  • change manually the selling price of your products in sales,
  • and add a 'Complimentary' button in sales to switch in a click the price of a product to 0.

2/ Sale wide discount

On your sale interface, just under the product keys, you will find the different discount buttons to apply a sale wide discount.

A line-item discount is automatically deducted from the product price. On the contrary, a sale wide discount adds a new negative line item into the ticket.
If your mix products with different tax rates in a sale, the sale wide discount will be prorated between tax rates.

A sale wide discount in value cannot be greater than the total value of the sale.

You can link your sale wide discount to a product of your database. You can enter the product ID in 'Settings/General settings/Discounts'.
Otherwise, the global discount will be assigned to the generic product ID 0.

3/ Advanced discounts

In the 'Apps' tab of your account, the 'Advanced promotions' application enables to apply automatic discounts on various criteria (group of customers, product tags…).

Premium option is required to install this application.

When you set up your advanced promotion in the application, you will find in each sale an 'Action' drop down menu to apply your discount.
Advanced discounts are not cumulative. Only the higher discount is applied.

Others applications enable to apply some specific discounts, like the 'Vouchers' application to create single vouchers linked to your customers.

4/ Track free items and discounts

In 'Reports/Monthly', below the first chart, you can download a detailed file of your sales.
All line-item discounts are listed in the Discount column of this file.
Sale wide discount are listed under the product setup in 'Settings/Discounts'.

In 'Reports/Monthly', free items are listed in the 'Complimentary' section, with a value at the buying price and at the selling price.

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