Receipt printer on Linux

1/ Install your printer on your computer (for USB or serial printers) or on your network (for Ethernet or Wifi printers). Your printer is properly installed if you can print a test page from your Linux.

2/ Install Java:
apt-get update
apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

3/ Download the Himp printing utility:

4/ Set up your local printers in Himp:
If you are using local printers, you must assign the printer used for each printing function (receipts or labels) in Himp.
java -jar Himp.jar -s
If you use network printers, skip this step.

5/ Run Himp:
java -jar Himp.jar
You can launch automatically Himp when you start your computer. The method used depends on your Linux distribution.
Example for Ubuntu :

6/ Complete your printer setup on your account, in the 'Settings/Printing/Printing tests' section.
Select in the drop down menu your printer interface (network or local):
– For a network printer, enter the printer IP address.
– For a local printer, 'default' will be seized.

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