Network printers

Network printers can be:

  • Ethernet: you can connect an Ethernet cable (RJ45) from the Ethernet port on the rear of the printer to to an available port on your router (or Internet box).
  • or Wifi.

Any device connected to your network could print on your network printer.
Your printer must take a valid IP address on your network.

1/ Find your printer IP address

First, print a ticket with your device network settings to get your printer IP address.

There is often a small pinhole next to the Ethernet jack, you can press and hold down with a pen point (or a paperclip) until a ticket is printed out.

On this ticket, you will find your printer IP address, something like W.X.Y.Z. This address must be in the range of your network addressing.
The IP address is not a valid network address. You must set up your printer to get automatically an IP address on your network (follow step 2 of this article).

You can also find your printer IP address when you login your router setting page and consult the list of connected devices.

2/ Configure your printer IP address

If your printer is not getting a valid IP address, you can use your printer software (available on the manufacturer website) to setup your printer on your network. You will need temporarily a Windows or a Mac device to setup your printer on your network.

The utility will scan your network to find your printer and access its settings.
It is recommended that you allow your printer to be automatically assigned a valid IP address from your router (automatic DHCP), to be sure that your printer IP address will be in the range of your network.
You could then print a ticket with your network settings to get your printer IP address.

It is recommended to set a static IP address for your printer on your router (in the DHCP settings), in order that your printer always keeps the same address even when you restart your router.
You may have to enter the MAC address of your printer. You will find it also on the printer network settings ticket.

Now that your printer has a valid IP address, you can continue to setup your printer in the 'Settings/Printing/Printing tests' section of your account.

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