Manage gift cards

Gift cards enables your customers to credit an amount of money on a card to make purchases within your store later.
The card is linked to a single code and can be redeemed by anybody in possession of the card.

1/ Setting up gift cards

In the Apps section of your account install the 'Gift cards' application (Premium option required).

A 'Gift card' product is automatically created in your product database.
This product is by default not taxed. But you can link it to a tax rate in its product form. The tax will then be charged when the gift card is sold (and not when the value is redeemed).

In the application settings, you can enter a validity period that will apply to all gift cards sold.
If you don’t input a period, gift cards can be redeemed indefinitely.
You can change the validity period when you sell a gift card or into the application for cards already sold.

2/ Selling gift cards

Create a sale and click on the 'Gift card' button under the sale detail.

Enter the card amount in the 'Sell a gift card' section.
The Validity field is automatically fulfilled, but you can change it. Leave it empty for unlimited validity.
The 'Code' field enables to input the code of a printed physical gift card. Leave it empty to generate a code automatically.

Click on the 'Add to the sale' button to confirm the creation of the gift card: the gift card product is added to the sale for the selected amount and you will find the card code in the S/N field (serial number).

Click on the top right button 'Back to the sale'.
Finish the sale as per usual with the payment method used to buy the card.

On Internet, you can buy batches of printed physical gift cards with single barcodes, you can customize with your brand image.

If the S/N field is not available in sales, go to 'Settings/Users/Access management' and enable the right: 'Manage product serial numbers'.

3/ Redeeming gift cards

Create a sale and add products purchased by the customer.

Click on the 'Gift card' button under the sale detail.

Scan or input the gift card code in the 'Use a gift card' section and confirm. A credit line for the gift card value is added to the sale.

Complete the sale:
If the total amount of the sale is positive, cash in your customer for the remaining amount,
If the total amount of the sale is negative, add a new gift card to the sale to balance it at 0. Validate the sale with any payment method.

If you don’t want to generate a new gift card, you can use the store credit account of your customer.
The negative amount of the sale will be paid with the CRED payment method to credit your customer account for the remaining amount to redeem. More information.

4/ Tracking gift cards

In the 'Gift card' app you can track gift cards issued, used and expired.

You can filter and export results in CSV.

In your reports:
The turnover linked to the 'Gift card' product is the total amount of issued gift cards,
The negative turnover linked to the 'Credit/Gift card' product is the total amount of redeemed gift cards.

5/ Printing gift cards

If you don’t use printed physical gift cards, you can print your gift card in a PDF file or on a receipt ticket.

a/ PDF file

– Install the'PDF Documents' application in the Apps section of your account.
– Download the 'Gift Card' template and complete and customize it in your text editor.
– Save the file in .odt and upload it in the 'PDF documents' app.
In the sale with the gift card, use the top right 'Action' drop-down menu to select the 'Gift card' template and generate your PDF gift card.

b/ Receipt ticket

– In 'Settings/Users/Access management', enable the right : 'Print individual tickets for each item line of the sale'.
– In 'Settings/Printing/Ticketing', add the following code and modify the content with your own information:

     #@@@@@@=          =@@@@@@#     
    +@@@*..-*#.      .#*-..*@@@*    
    =@@@-     -=    ==     -@@@+    
     :#@@#-    #@@@@%    -*@@#-     
 *@@@@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@@@@# 
 *@@@@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@@@@# 
    #@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@%    
    #@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@%    
    #@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@%    
    *@@@@@@@@@@:    :@@@@@@@@@@#    


30 Central place - 01234 MYTOWN
1 234 567 8910 -


-- <hibou_print_price_product> USD --

Code: <hibou_print_product_serial>

Valid until <hibou_print_product_comment>
Created on <hibou_print_date_time> - # <hibou_print_num_order_unique>

In the Payment section of the gift card sale, click on the 'Ticketing' button to print you receipt gift card.

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