Login settings

To connect your account, your user must enter a login (email) and a password.
A new sale is always assigned to the logged-in user.

The speed up the login process, 2 options:

1/ Fast login buttons

On your login page, your users can click on a simple login button to connect your account, only when they try to login from your store.

First, enter your store’s IP address in 'Settings/General settings/Printers & receipts'.

Then go to 'Settings/Users/Users', and activate the FI switch button (fast identification) for the users you want to display a login button on your login page.

2/ Login with a code

On your login page, a preselected field (barcode image) enables your users to enter a code to connect your account. You can enter the code manually (+ Enter key), or by scanning a barcode or reading a RFID card.

In 'Settings/General settings/Printers & receipts':

  • enter your store IP address,
  • and tick the box 'Enable code login'.

In 'Settings/Users/Users', click on the wrench icon to add a *code to your different users.
Your users can now login your account with a single code when they try to login from your store.

In 'Settings/Users/Users', you can add for each user a session timeout (DE) to logout automatically your user after a period of inactivity. Thus, you can force your users to login/logout for each new sale.
The period is in seconds. If you leave the field blank (or 0), the user is logout automatically after a period of 30 min of inactivity.

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